An elegy

Growing up with me, Bound to me, I took care of you, You of me, You got sick, Just a bit, I went to get you fixed. All well A tiny cavity A drill A big hole A filling A decay He conned me As long as you survived My world As happy As could … Continue reading An elegy


To win the fight

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 The search for divinity the burden of virginity, the quest for peace of mind the constant stabs from behind. the road to travel the mysteries to unravel the taste of different lives to relish the several memories to cherish. the helplessness of choosing what is right the lack of strength to … Continue reading To win the fight


It's quiet, It's late, it's night; Not a soul, none in sight! Up and awake, Retrieving lost hopes tonight; Hoping to gather fresh Insight! Ridiculous, ain't I? Adding life to the dead; Going where no one dares Tread! Still walk, I stumble, I fall; I open my arms, embrace it all! The Spirit, In Veins, … Continue reading Insomnia