New2Think is a place where I say what I always wanted to say, and in the process, let you say what more you can say on it. I am essentially a writer who has been writing for nearly a decade now, but hardly ever used her ability to express how she truly feels about a lot of things.
Well, this is where I express what I feel on a lot of issues that affect me either directly or indirectly. The views expressed are my own. Some of them may offend you; however,we have what you call ‘freedom of speech’. It would be a waste to lie how you truly feel about things and if you lie about how you feel, there is no point in expressing them in the first place. I do not wish to lie and at the same time, if there’s something that needs changing about some of my beliefs, it is always welcome.
I wish to evolve and I would be happy to share my journey with you.